Check out what our drivers are saying about us:

"These past five years, I have more than enjoyed working as a truck driver at Foremost. In all my years in the workforce, I am most proud to be a part of the Foremost Transport team. They pay me well for my services and they always pay me on time. I love my co-workers, especially my outbound and backhaul dispatchers. All of the employees, in every department of Foremost, have created a welcoming atmosphere in the workplace. Whenever I drop off paperwork or get my load, it makes my day to spend time with the amazing people that I work with. I can always count on the office staff for a good laugh. This company and its employees have become like a family to me and I never want to leave."

– Ray Wilder

"I have been working as a truck driver at Foremost Transportation for about 16 years. Without question, Foremost has always treated me with kindness and respect. My dispatchers here in California work with me to make sure that the job is completed efficiently while still looking after each other to make sure no one is overworking themselves. Foremost is family. Through the good times and the bad times, we made it by working together as a team. My workday usually consists of picking up loads from California and going North to the Pendleton Oregon office. At the Oregon office, I help with the freight, which I take back home to California. When I get runs that need to go East, I work with Goshen and help them bring their loads back West. The employees who work at my terminal are friendly. Whenever they ask me how I’m doing you can tell that they are asking because they really care. I love working for Foremost because the people I work with feel like family and look forward to working with them for years to come."       

– Mynor Morales